Malaga is chosen by Forbes among 20 best European cities to live, invest and work.

The research by Forbes aimed to discover the most American-friendly destinations in Europe, those with the best quality of life, best internet connections for remote working so that you can keep your job in the U.S. or launch your online project and set up your business. The initial list consisted of 120 top European destinations.

Based on various criteria including the presence of an international school, quality of life, health care system, internet connection, proximity to airports with international flights, cost of living, active expat community and low crime rate, the Best European Destinations (EBD) organization has revealed the 20 finalists that included three destinations in Spain – Madrid, San Sebastian and Malaga. Malaga has ranked 10th place, whereas Madrid and San Sebastian second and forth respectively.

According to EBD, Spain is a country in constant evolution — dynamic, culturally incomparable and “a destination that will appeal to even the most demanding“. Sunnier than France, Spain also offers good health care and school systems. If you love Europe for its culture, openness, architecture, events, weddings, tradition or gastronomy, you will love Malaga. Sometimes associated mostly with sun and beaches, the city is much more than that. It has the highest concentration of museums per square kilometer in Europe, high quality of life, security, rich culture, good health care services and sun almost throughout the year. Malaga is family friendly and also very suitable for single digital nomads or couples, as well as retirees who wish to live an active, culturally rich and lively retirement. Open-minded and tolerant, Malaga also attracts gay expats. The city offers a variety of schools including the British School of Malaga and many public and private. Malaga is one of the Spanish destinations with the greatest tourist growth.

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