“Malaga is a city that leaves no one indifferent”.

Malaga is on its way to a boom town! We all know and love it. It is a fantastic place to visit and to live and a city with the huge potential. According to the nominee criteria, Malaga is a city “combining tradition and modernity, gastronomy, the beach and culture along with a world-class selection of museums”.

Among the other 20 nominees are well-established tourist hotspots as Rome, Lisbon, Geneva and etc. Of course, all 20 nominated cities are stunning. Past Best European Destination have included Wroclaw ( Poland) in 2018 and Oporto ( Portugal) in 2017.

The winning destination reaps other benefits too. According to the organisers, the winning destination can expect 15% more tourism and media coverage typically sees an increase of up to 80%.

How to vote for Malaga to be crowned as Best European Destination 2019

With our full support and admiration to Malaga, we have already given our votes for Malaga and we encourage those who have not voted yet to do so as well.

We have until February 5 to cast our votes at the following website:


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